Gemstones from Around the World: Unboxing Exotic Finds

Gemstones from Around the World: Unboxing Exotic Finds

I just received a box of treasures from my recent opal cutting class in Young Harris, Georgia, and I am thrilled to share the unboxing experience with you.


One of the first gems I cut was a fern opal, a beautiful stone with cool lines and a unique yellowish hue. It’s hard to believe it’s an opal! Another intriguing find is the bacon opal, named for its uncanny resemblance to layers of breakfast bacon. I polished it meticulously on six different wet wheels and buffed it on four additional wheels to reveal its true beauty.

Next up is a pink Australian opal that looks like a vibrant pink tablet. Its rough exterior hid a stunning gem inside, reminding me of the endless surprises opals can offer. I also encountered a Honduran basalt opal, with its deep, starry-night-like appearance, and a mesmerizing lightning ridge black opal, full of vivid colors and intriguing patterns.

One of the highlights is a Spencer picture opal, a stone that conjures images of the Grand Canyon with its intricate patterns and colors. Each opal I cut revealed a new facet of this incredible gemstone family, from the common yet captivating boulder opal to the rare and precious lightning ridge black opal.

During the class, I learned so much from my experienced teacher, who shared her extensive knowledge of opals and their unique properties. The class wasn’t just about cutting stones; it was about discovering the hidden beauty within each gem and understanding the craftsmanship involved in bringing them to life.

Opals truly are a wonder of nature, each one offering a glimpse into a different world. If you’re as fascinated by these gems as I am, be sure to check out the full unboxing and cutting process in my latest video. And don’t forget to like and subscribe for more gemstone adventures!

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